Pixel 3’s Pixel Stand Overview and Feature Tour!

Pixel 3’s Pixel Stand Overview and Feature Tour!

One of the few new features to the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is the return of wireless charging. This isn’t the first time that Google has done wireless …


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  1. Biggest issue i have with this stand is that, for the Pixel 3 at least, it's too tall. It covers up half the fingerprint sensor, so you have to pick up the phone to unlock it. And that wouldn't matter so much if they would allow the stand to unlock the phone when docked.

  2. i just spent 2 years without wireless charging. Never really missed it. Maybe i'll get a few cheaper xi pads to make something with my 3d printer but it comes down to the fact that usb-c charging is fine. those cables last forever too.

  3. Not seeing the value of the £69 tag. All of the features seem to be in the phone I've already paid for… This just unlocks a short cut to them? But even then, I can just squeeze the phone instead of tapping that tiny button. Which makes more sense when it's on the nightstand anyway. Love the phone, but this is pointless

  4. I managed to order a Pixel 3 into Norway but I can't get access to the Pixel Stand or to phone cases lolol oi My Google regionally redirects me. Any thoughts on how I can get my hands on some accessories? We have friends in London and Denmark (or even Canada) for example that I could send the mail to and have them send it on. It's just that I can't access buying the products from here :/ Any direction appreciated. Cheers!

  5. They really should put a tray on the bottom when docked to control google home devices, i.e. lights. Most people have these next to their bed and having the ability to control lights, temp etc really quickly without voice activation would be nice.

  6. Q: I have a ring stand on the back of my pixel 3, would this still work with OR even though it defeats the purpose of showing information on screen to our eyes, could I essentially put the phone backwards on this device to charge it? So front facing the white backing and charge still finds the phone? guessing yes. / thxs

  7. Mine says "Charging slowly" sometimes as well as "Charging rapidly". What's that about??? not mentioned in video either. Also, the photos do no show up when selected 90% of the time. NOT WORTH $80

  8. I have an Otterbox case on mine, (it's a very thick case), and it charges fine on the stand. However, I have noticed that sometimes it charges rapidly, and sometimes it charges slowly. Not really sure why. If anyone knows, please let me know! I also love the stand because it charges if it's vertically or horizontally.

  9. In the end of the day personal preference is all it matters I'm sure everyone has bought something that is overrated or over price and is ashamed or in denial to share it with everyone. Positive vibes . Great video review

  10. I'm at the point where I'm going to start unsubbing from content creators that should know better don't mute out the OK Google activation phrase. If they can't figure out that unbelievably simple tech issue then I strongly question their judgment in other tech related matters. Hell, this is such an asinine, easily fixable issue for nearly anybody that knows anything about video editing that at this point I question their judgment in matters generally. If this content creator is suffering from an actual mental impairment then of course I apologize, but I feel that he probably doesn't.

  11. The fact that they price their stuff so expensively, and then cut such deep discounts for Black Friday (weeks after launch) makes people who bought one at full price, or missed the deal, feel ripped off.
    Google store Black Friday deals, Google One member deals, all AFTER I got the phone. And they know I own one but they advertise the deals at me anyway.

  12. Good feature: when you put your phone on the charger, you can program the charger to automatically put your phone in "Do Not Disturb" mode. Perfect to charge on your night stand for a guy who works the graveyard shift.

  13. …and it wirelessly fast-charges my Nexus 5, too. I had purchased one of those $12-20 models you mentioned a year or so ago for my Nexus 5 – did not work. I bought this for $40 along with the $399 Pixel 3 (Verizon black Friday deal) and am glad I did.

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