Google YouTube criticism: is Google trolling us all with its Google+ YouTube integration?

Google YouTube criticism: is Google trolling us all with its Google+ YouTube integration?

Google last week began rolling out changes to YouTube that tie the video site’s commenting system to the Google+ social network in an ambitious bid to fix what are unarguably the world’s worst comments.

The search giant quickly ran into one teeny tiny issue though. The fact that their new system F**KIN’ SUCKS!!

Google’s so-called “plan” to fix the cesspool of racism, misogyny, homophobia and all-around idiocy that is YouTube comments involves taking an industrial-sized ax to YouTube itself.

Commenting on YouTube now requires the average Joe Schmo internet user to log in to their Google+ account. But Google+ is a virtual ghost town, uninhabited by the likes of anybody from outside of Mountain View, California, a sad fact the folks at Google, despite an inordinate amount “A/B testing,” seem painfully ignorant of.

Or are they? Google’s ostensible reason for forcing Google+ integration onto YouTube is that it will allow more sensible comments to rise to the top and combat the worst parts of internet anonymity. But this looks like nothing so much as an effort to force people to use a social network no one wants to use.

Not to mention that the increased character limit and the ability to embed links, two features that long been staples of Google+, have given rise to an onslaught of spam and phishing messages on YouTube.

But don’t just take our word for it! Try taking YouTube’s new commenting system for a spin yourself and let us know in the *ahem* comments section, what you think of it!


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