Google Pixel Slate First Look

Google Pixel Slate First Look

We’re hands-on at the Google Event in NYC checking out the all-new Pixel Slate. Let us know what you think of Google’s new tablet down below. Google Pixel 3 …


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  1. Is there any reason at all to get the i7? I don't think anything that can run on GoogleOS is anywhere CLOSE to needing an i7, and 16gb ram. My home desktop has an i5 330k, with 8gb ram, 1050 ti, all my PC games run flawlessly, emulates Android flawlessly. My phone is kinda old, that can still run almost anything on the Play Store. What could there possibly be on the Play Store that would require these insane specs?

  2. I like the idea of the slate but to be honest I have no confidence in Google's execution of the OS or their support for this device as time goes on. They have a habit of letting tablets die and I refuse to spend $600 to be used as part of a beta test group for their hardware division.

  3. I want one, and will probably get one just to have a good tablet device for my Android apps…

    But suspect I will still prefer the Surface for the primary reason anyone would prefer a Surface… Those times when I need desktop version software. The Surface still isn't great for touch, but it's awesome now in tablet mode if you have the Surface Pen; regardless of whether you're using apps or desktop software. I'll definite give the Pixel Slate a try though, for consumption & light tasks.

  4. Content consumption on Chrome OS devices is pathetic because several major streaming websites (DirecTV, WWE Network, MLB, NHL, etc.) work poorly on the platform. And using the Android apps for those services sucks because Google didn't include the highest level of Widevine DRM in Chrome OS. That means most Android video streaming apps only let you watch standard definition

  5. Why would I want to go with a low spec Slate when I can get a Tab S4 with the pen for $50 more? Then top it off they want $200 for the keyboard? Even Apple doesn’t charge that much. I’m not a huge fan of IOS and I’d rather put my money on the iPad Pro. Heck, even the $300 iPad seems like a better option here.

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