Google Fuchsia on Pixelbook review

Google Fuchsia on Pixelbook review

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  1. This is googles future unified os wait and see this will run on phones tablets and computers it’s already beginning in chrome os adding android and Linux support this is their way of making one unified system for all devices that can scale across all processors and types of architecture I think overall it’s brilliant to be able to use the same interface and apps across all your devices jump from phone to pc and carry on the same tasks no interference just imagine Apple making Mac and iOS one unified platform theat could work on all future devices being MacBooks to iPod touches one unified App Store etc this would be heaven and I do believe it will happen one day especially with apples mobile chips being absolute monters that can beat a i5 MacBook a mobile processor that shits all over a full fat desktop cpu is pretty insane and it’s also the reason we eventually will no longer have dedicated desktops everything will be portable with the option to dock it to a display and peripherals seamlessly I mean what would be the point in having a huge desktop stuck in one spot when a portable stand alone device could perform the same tasks exactly there would be no point

  2. Fuck dirty operating system ugly spoiled etc. I am also completely against it and the user interface is ugly and totally bad. I just think it all shit to the last detail stupid bad ugly and spoiled and tasteless stupid and stupid, I'll stay forever on Aneroid a loyal user stop. sorry that I say it unfortunately I do not find FuchsiaOS our mainstream platform and is excluded from the scene.

  3. This OS has a lot of potential if Google continues to develop it, but the spinning cube kinda harkens back to the SGI Octane2 running IRIX OS 6.5 which was amazing for it's time, i miss IRIX alot.

  4. Yo. Right now building fuchsia. I have correctly downloaded files and i'm at the creating the image stage. I find that getting no errors is impossible but if your lucky it will still work. Like what happens everytime I built it. And also… fuchsias UI (armadillo) has been deleted. And 3 more test UI's are on the way. (that I know of) But all of this android is being deleted nonsense is a bucha baloney. Fuchsia is not even in its alpha yet so it may be likely to be finished by 2021. And if you want a video of fuchsia working I would be delighted! just reply (and some photos too.)

  5. Sounds great n all and yes I will buy myself a Huawei Media Pad Tablet and I honestly do not give a fuck if China spies on me or whatever all that matters to me is their actions. Mind you foolish people every single country has its own way of spying on you for their personal reasons here those 3 things down below T.T

    1.) Trust

    2.) Trump

    3.) Deals

    These countries also spy on you only for THEIR own safety think about it this way. They see a plate of cookies n their peeps r dying of hunger they cant just take em n chew away at it with a glass of milk in their hands, they observe your sorry asses n make their move n they dont even need to shoot u or anything they could simply just ignore you and move on with their daily lives which is super easy like heck we even got facebook spying on our asses too we get watched nearly everywhere and if u think japan n china dont spy on themselves then think again like heck you should see how military men use their iphones in ways we dont even underestand or even aware of so yea get over yourself if Huawei Media Pad is spying on you because this is reality and you will always be watched even that nice Samsung tv you just bought that you found super cool is spying on your ass your only problem is learning how to comprehend why they are spying on you other wise you are nothing but a dumbass because I kinda feel bad that China has to spy on us for their own personal reasons that they may or may not want to share with us. T.T

  6. Nice Play by Google. In Future there will be Computers that have ARM processors. So marking one operating system for Computers as well as mobiles or other devices is a nice move. Fuchsia is written in flutter which compiles to native ARM code. Nice move. I guess I should learn flutter.

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