1 Week in: My Pixel 3 Horror Story

1 Week in: My Pixel 3 Horror Story

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20 Replies to “1 Week in: My Pixel 3 Horror Story”

  1. I know this video is old and I’m late to the party but you complained about the white boot up saying iPhones don’t do that but you’re wrong, I use an iPhone SE and it’s a black apple logo with a white background and sometimes when I turn it off and turn it back on it could be at around 75% and I reboot my phone and it says it’s at 10%, also apps on my phone love to freeze in fact my phone froze four times trying to watch this video, I get it the iPhone SE is an older phone but iPhones are supposed to be built with 5-6 years of updates in mind this is not working like that mind set was put into it, and this is one of the most popular iPhones ever. I’m sorry, I’m done now. I enjoy your content Drew, keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. The only issue I have with my pixel 3 is it takes too much time sometimes processing while editing simple images in the Photos app. I am forced to shut down the app and start editing again.

  3. Hi, great vieo about his issues, i WANT it, but i'm not rich at all, it's crazy to buy a 750 Euros to me, and without all the issues you mentionned and the website too, i will buy it imediately, but now i don't know hat thinking about it, it just not fair, being so attractive and so crappy at the same time, praying for a good and no issue model?

  4. My Alcatel u5 might not be the best.. It's laggy, chunky and weird…but at least it lasts me throughout the day , doesn't heat up and has one scratch, even tho I have dropped it more than 10 times on the floor. It might be 50$ but it does the trick(':

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